Aeradix is the sole distributor of Mars-Hydro, MagicalButter, Open GrowWeDryer, Grove Bags and tCheck in South Africa. Aeradix also sells cannabis concentrate related items. The products stocked by Aeradix carry up to a 3 year warranty fulfilled right here in South Africa. Repairs are available on Mars-Hydro LED grow lights when out of warranty. Aeradix aims to ensure you’re always growing without interruption, whether your operation is big or small.

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Customer Reviews

6 days ago
Duncan Smith
(verified owner)

I purchased these bottles after getting the suggestion from Aeradix.
I will definitely be purchasing more of them.

8 months ago
(verified owner)

I’m very happy with my purchase of the Magical Butter machine, making infused butter the old way was just too messy for me and making tincture was too time consuming for me. At first I thought I would have to bite the bullet and deal with the hassle of sourcing one from the US, so I was very happy to find one locally. This machine combined with my t-check tester has really taken my edible game to the next level, its also pretty useful for making other stuff like mixed drinks etc.

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