Aeradix is the sole distributor of Mars-Hydro, MagicalButter, Open GrowWeDryer, Rosinbud and tCheck in South Africa. Aeradix also sells cannabis concentrate related items. The products stocked by Aeradix carry up to a 3 year warranty fulfilled right here in South Africa. Repairs are available on Mars-Hydro LED grow lights when out of warranty. Aeradix aims to ensure you’re always growing without interruption, whether your operation is big or small.

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Customer Reviews

4 days ago
(verified owner)
Love the bottles but finding the cap opening and closing a little difficult – presuming it is a child proof mechanism?
9 months ago
I think the WeDryer is an excellent value for any grower looking to boost their efficiency in the drying stage in a cost-effective manner. Not only is this product affordable but it also is durable, environmentally friendly and allows for high-capacity drying in a compact and minimally invasive unit.

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