Aeradix is the sole distributor of Mars-Hydro, MagicalButter, Open GrowWeDryer, Rosinbud and tCheck in South Africa. Aeradix also sells cannabis concentrate related items. The products stocked by Aeradix carry up to a 3 year warranty fulfilled right here in South Africa. Repairs are available on Mars-Hydro LED grow lights when out of warranty. Aeradix aims to ensure you’re always growing without interruption, whether your operation is big or small.

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Customer Reviews

4 months ago
If you enjoy edibles, this is a must have device. Before I got it, the strength of my edibles were really in consistent, but now I know exactly the strength each cookie or gummy I make. Being able to test my flower is an added bonus and helps to experiment with grows and find the right balance that works for me.
4 months ago
Sameer Moosa
Just purchased my Wedryer, cant wait to pick it up. Excellent service from Jacques, kept me updated all the time and has even gone out of his way to source some things that I need.

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