Is cheaper?

Posted by aeradix on  13/08/2018

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We often get asked why is cheaper. This post will explain the details of why it looks cheaper, but in reality that is not the truth. Let’s look at an example to illustrate the problem. Consider the Mars Reflector 192 LED grow light selling at $302 on Assuming a good USD/ZAR exchange of about R13.25 per $, one Mars Reflector 192 LED grow light is only R4 000. At such a good exchange rate

LED Grow Light Comparison Chart

Posted by aeradix on  03/04/2018

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Easily compare different Mars-Hydro grow lights with this handy chart. Brand and Model Compared to HPS Coverage (cm) Max PPFD Value (µmol/m2/s) – 45cm height Warranty RRP – Vat Inclusive Mars-Hydro Mars SP-150 250w Flowering: 45 x 90 Veg: 60 x 90 387 3 years R4 200 Mars SP-250 400w Flowering: 60 x 120 Veg: 90 x 150 632 3 years R6 550 Mars TS-1000 250w Flowering: 60 x 60 Veg: 90 x 90 552

Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Repairs

Posted by aeradix on  05/11/2017

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Aeradix and Mars-Hydro offers even greater peace of mind by providing you with the option of having your Mars-Hydro LED grow light repaired out of warranty, irrespective of where and when it was purchased. You can send us your Mars-Hydro LED grow light and we will repair it for you or you can request to have the parts sent to you. Availability of replacement parts is a key element in providing quick turnaround and product

LED Grow Light Selection Guide

Posted by aeradix on  31/10/2017

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Don’t know which LED grow light is right for you? Use our handy guide to get the right light for your setup. Select your experience level from the first list. Select the coverage area closest to the size of your grow area in the second list. The most appropriate light will then be displayed. Click on the image for more details or follow the link to purchase it. Space to contact us will appear if

The advantages of a Mars-Hydro grow tent

Posted by aeradix on  24/07/2017

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What is a grow tent? A grow tent is comprised of a lightweight, six-sided fabric exterior installed over a rigid frame and includes a main opening and various apertures suitable for electrical access, ventilation and other functions. Mars-Hydro 70cm x 70cm x 180cm grow tent Mars-Hydro 240cm x 240cm x 200cm grow tent There are hundreds of grow tent varieties on the market offering a range of sizes and features for different applications and budgets.