420 SMART Cannabis Trimming Clamp | Easy Harvesting


The original 420 SMART cannabis clamping unit makes trimming time easier, faster and more efficient.

  • Hands free for effortless trimming.
  • Trim faster.
  • No tired hands or finger cramps.
  • Clamps securely to table top.

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A key phase of harvesting is trimming. Make trimming easier, faster and more efficient with the original 420 SMART cannabis clamping unit.  This unique product was specifically designed to hold the plant for trimming.  No tired hands and get a much higher yield of kief! Trim more in half the time!

Trimming is an important part of harvesting

GrowWeedEasy is an excellent resource for all things growing cannabis and provides the following advice on trimming and harvesting. There are at least three good reasons to trim cannabis:

  • Appearance – In magazines, at the dispensary and in pictures online nearly all the buds you’ll see are completely manicured, or at least somewhat trimmed. This is the appearance we’ve come to associate with “good weed” and untrimmed buds may look less appealing to some people.
  • Harshness – Leaves can be more “harsh” on your throat/lungs when smoking cannabis. Trimming off extra leaf matter can improve the “smoothness” of your buds when smoking.
  • THC Concentration – The sugar leaves on your buds have a lower concentration of THC, which means that you’re getting less THC gram-for-gram than with trimmed bud.

420 Smart Cannabis Harvesting South Africa

Many growers want trimmed buds but don’t want to waste any THC, so they process their trim to extract the THC in the leaves separately. We love using The MagicalButter Machine to make all sorts of concentrates, including butter, oil and so much more.

Dry trim and wet trim

A “wet trim” means that the leaves are still wet during the trimming process. A “dry trim” means buds will already be dried before trimming off the sugar leaves.

Most growers will at least remove all or most of the big fan leaves with their fingers before drying, though some growers will hang the whole plant upside down without any type of trim whatsoever.

Trim before drying (“wet trim”):

  • Is more applicable when drying in high humidity (above 60% RH).
  • Decreases the risk of mould.
  • Buds will dry faster.

Trim after drying (“dry trim”):

  • Is more applicable when drying in low humidity (below 45%RH).
  • Increases drying time.
  • Buds tend to be “tighter” or more dense.
  • Buds lose their colour vibrance. Dry trim buds tend to lose their green/purple/colour and take on shades of brown or tan.

Use a WeDryer to ensure a consistent dry every time without mould or smell and with an increase in terpenes and cannabinoids.


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