The main features of the 1600PRO are:

  • Super large LCD to monitor CO2 concentration (10 000 ppm) as well as time and date.
  • Three-level indoor air quality indication system: Good, Normal, Poor.
  • High-end touch buttons.
  • Desktop or wall-mounted.
  • Remote sensor with 5 metres cable.
  • Maintenance free 2-channel Low Drift NDIR CO2 sensor.
  • Photocell sensor for separate day/night operation.
  • Runs on 110V or 230V AC.
  • Connects directly to a 110V or 230V AC regulator valve.
  • Easy operation.

A detailed manual of operation is available for download: CO2 Controller – 1600PRO.

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The 1600PRO is a CO2 controller that shows real-time readings of carbon dioxide concentration inside your grow room or grow tent. The 1600PRO also shows the time and date while controlling the opening and closing of a CO2 valve. The use of CO2 to increase yields is explained in more detail here.

1600PRO CO2 Controller specifications

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Operating & Storage RH: 5-95%, non-condensing
Power Requirements: 110V or 230V AC
Valve Output Voltage: 110 – 220V AC
Valve Output Power: 10A at 120V and 5A at 250V AC
CO2 Measurement
Measurement Range: 0 – 10 000 ppm
Accuracy: ± 50 ppm or ± 5% of reading at < 3 000 ppm and ± 50 ppm or ± 7% of reading at >= 3 000 ppm
Repeatability: 20 ppm
Warm-up Time: 30 seconds
Response Time: 63% step change in < 2 minutes or 90% step change in < 4.6 minutes

For more detailed information on growing with CO2 and all other growing queries we recommend GrowWeedEasy.

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