GroLab Doser Kit is a powerful grow controller that allows to fully monitor and automate the feeding solution of your plants, nutrients control, pH correction, water level warnings, auto tank refill, are some functions of this kit.

This kit also provides the necessary tools to create security systems to react and/or notify if any issues arises.

Remote control, real time notifications, IP cameras integration… are just some of the perks you get with GroLab™.


1 – GroNode
1 – TankBot Kit
3 – Peristaltic Pumps
2 – Horizontal Level Sensors
1 – GroLab™ software, manuals and video tutorials.


*This kit contains one GroNode, allowing you to further expand your control just by adding extra modules. GroNode can control a max of 4 PowerBots, 4 TankBots and 4 SoilBots.

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What does the GroLab Doser Kit allow me to control?

This configuration allows you to automatically dispense the precise amounts of fertilizer A & B to your solution whenever the tank is refilled or whenever you schedule it.

PH is automatically set to the value you define by automatically compensating raise or falls in your solution. And the water levels are constantly analysed trough the level sensors available in this kit.

TankBot is also a powerful security tool, since you can sample any switch sensor, like smoke or motion detectors, allowing you for example to shutdown all your room, or even the whole system and send you an e-mail when, someone gets to near, or smoke is detected. Notifications, selective shutdown, are just some of the procedures you can configure.

You still get a free output and 2 inputs to use the way you find suitable.

GroLab Doser Kit stores every sensor data and output state, providing a track of your grows from seed to fruit, enabling you to maximize your growth and efficiency!


GroLab GroDoser Base Configuration


This is a scheme designed to show some of the GroLab Doser Kit possibilities, nevertheless, you can rearrange the devices, and even replace them, with any other device you may find useful, peristaltic pumps, solenoids, power relays, etc. If you need more sensors or outputs, or just to control another growing area, you just need to add extra modules to this kit (GroNode supports up to 4 modules of each type), and expand your control with new features.

Peristaltic compatible with GroLab TankBot, used as nutrients controllerPERISTALTIC PUMPS

Solenoid compatible with GroLab TankBot, used for irrigation controlANY KIND OF SOLENOID

Small DC water pump compatible with TankBot, the hydroponics controller of the GroLab systemDC WATER PUMPS

Power Relay compatible with TankBot, for bigger power delivery when controlling a growPOWER RELAY

GroLab 230VAC/110VAC compatible with PowerBot, the power module from the GroLab grow controller system

Air, Soil, Water Temperature Probe compatible with TankBot, SoilBot and Arduino, grow controller modules of the GroLab systemSOIL/AIR/WATER TEMPERATURE PROBE

PH Probe compatible with TankBot, the hydroponics grow controller module from the GroLab systemPH PROBE

EC Probe compatible with TankBot, the hydroponics grow controller module from the GroLab systemEC PROBE

GroLab water level sensor compatible with TankBotLEVEL SENSORS

GroLab smoke sensor compatible with TankBotSMOKE DETECTORS

GroLab motion sensor compatible with TankBotMOTION DETECTORS

GroLab buttons compatible with TankBotBUTTONS

The GroLab Doser Kit Contains:

This is the exact package that will arrive at your door step. It comes with our GroNode, a TankBot and all the necessary cables, sensors and connectors, and additional you get 3 peristaltic pumps and two level sensors, allowing you to control the nutrients and pH in your water tank. It also comes with a USB Pen with the GroLab™ Software, instruction manuals and video tutorials.

TankBot is capable of handling much more than what this kit brings, you can still add another peristaltic pumps, solenoid, or smoke detectors, buttons or water level sensors, just go to our Peripherals & Extras section and improve your GroLab™ Doser Kit.

It can be installed in no time, and will fully automate your grow in a matter of minutes.

GroLab Starter Kit packaging, on box open and close


GroLab™ Software is always under development. If a newer version it’s available, the system will automatically update. The same happens for any of the included modules, this means that your GroLab Doser Kit will have access to any improvement our development team implements in the near future.


Remember, one GroNode supports up to 4 PowerBots, 4 SoilBots and 4 TankBots, and you can spread them between 4 different areas with two different grows each. Whenever you need a new vegetative, cloning or flowering room, you can just extend your GroLab™ system by adding as many extra GroLab™ modules GroNode supports.


Your plants are our concern! GroLab™ team is here to help you with any doubt, configuration or troubleshoot you may need. We’re committed to your complete satisfaction, and we won’t let a kit or peripheral left of use. By phone, e-mailsupport ticket, Skype, just contact us and in less than 24 hours someone will come to your aid.