GroLab Moisture Sensor


Sensor for measuring Substrate Humidity.

This moisture sensor is capable to monitor any substrate’s regardless of whether it is soil, rock wool, coconut or a recurrent dipping of roots in water.

With a 2 meters cable you can easily connect this sensor to SoilBot and keep your grow with perfect moisture for your plants avoiding water wasting.


Grolab™ moisture sensor compatible with SoilBotSOILBOT

Grolab™ moisture sensor compatible with ArduinoARDUINO

Warranty Time Icon1-Year Warranty

30 days devolution Icon30 Days Money Back

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Moisture Sensor Specifications
Dimensions13mm x 99.89mm x 2.5mm
ExteriorMaterial: FR-4

Color: Green

Cable Length2 meters
Moisture Range5% ~ 100%
Moisture PrecisionVariable (calibration dependent)
CompatibilityGroLab SoilBot
Warranty1-year limited hardware warranty

How do I use this sensor?

Soil Moisture Sensor Interface

This sensor is directly compatible with any SoilBot. It can also be used by third party acquisition devices like an Arduino.

Below you can find the precise schematics and pinouts to interface this sensor with GroLab™ or an Arduino.

SoilBot Connection


GroLab Soil Moisture sensor connection diagram to SoilBot

Arduino Connection


GroLab Soil Moisture sensor connection diagram to Arduino


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