GroLab PowerBot

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A powerful unit capable of monitor and control all the basic elements of your grow. Automate temperature, humidity, air flow, lighting and irrigation and even create safety protocols & procedures.

Get every variable under your direct control, enabling you to maximize your growth and efficiency.


1 – PowerBot
1 – Temperature and humidity sensor
1 – PowerBot AC Power Cable
1 – USB cable
1 – Antenna


*Additional GroLab™ module, one GroNode is necessary to experience the full functionalities of PowerBot.

*Each GroNode can control a max of 4 PowerBot’s.

Warranty Time Icon2-Years Warranty

30 days devolution Icon30 Days Money Back

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PowerBot allows you to connect and control the electrical peripherals of your growing environment. This powerful unit monitors and automates all the basic elements of your grow like temperature, humidity, air flow, lighting and irrigation. Create safety protocols & procedures to avoid overheating and minimize the damage in case of fire. With PowerBot every variable is under your direct control, enabling you to maximize your growth and efficiency!

PowerBot example configuration schematic, controlling light, irrigation and climate. All in the same GroLab system.

Power Supplier

PowerBot provides power to all peripherals of your growing environment. It has 4 universal outlets that supports up to 2300W (per outlet and in total) or unlimited power when using an external electrical contactor.


Automate any lighting system connected to PowerBot. With our advanced lightning system you are not bound to the 24 hours combined day, your grow(s) can now have a 20 hours of combined day/night, or even less if you wish so.


The included temperature & humidity sensor and the capacity to independently control the electrical devices, allows you to perform a precise climate automation in your grow(s).


From drip systems to hydroponics, GroLab™ schedule capabilities allow you to pre set the irrigation for any kind of system.

Manual Control

This module comes with 4 external switches that give the user the ability to manually control all connected peripherals at any time on the spot.

LED Indicator

Its design features 4 LEDs that indicates which elements are ON. Useful to visually understand what is happening on your grow(s).

Safety Protocols & Procedures

PowerBot allows you to create safety protocols & procedures to avoid risk situations or even react to them in order to minimize the damage. The cool-down feature prevents damage to devices that need some time to cool down before turning them on (HPS Lamps).


PowerBot communicates with GroNode through radio frequency with a range of 25 meters indoors (depending on obstacles) and 100 meters in open spaces. This makes it easy to install the PowerBot on your growing area or even on the outside.

PowerBot Specifications
Dimensions236.4mm x 91.4mm x 46.7mm
ExteriorCasing: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver

Physical buttons: Reset, NET Reset, FW Update

Power SupplyEU – 230v AC

US – 120v AC

Fuse IncludedYes (250V 16A)
Cord IncludedYes (Universal)
Cord Length2 meters
ConnectionsUSB 2.1 type B

RP-SMA female

Power Entry IEC 320-C14

2.5mm 4-Pin male

Antenna IncludedYes
USB Cable IncludedYes (Type B-A)
USB Cable Length2 meters
Outlets4 x Universal
Outlet Maximum PowerEU – 2300W(10A)

US – 1200W(10A)

Total Maximum PowerEU – 2300W(10A)

US – 1200W(10A)

Temperature & Humidity Sensor IncludedYes
Warranty2-years limited hardware warranty




Temperature & Humidity Sensor Specifications

Dimensions27mm x 58.75mm x 13.30mm
ExteriorCasing: Plastic

Colors: White

Cable Length2 meters
Temperature Range-40ºC ~ 80ºC
Temperature Precision±0.5ºC
Humidity Range0% ~ 99.9%
Humidity Precision±2%


Warranty1-year limited hardware warranty


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