GroLab Soil Kit is a powerful grow controller that will not only control your lighting and climate, but also lets you irrigate your plants automatically.

With SoilBot, GroLab™ is always aware of the moisture of your substratum, feeding your plants only when they really need, a handy flood detector is also included to warn you of possible leaks or floods.

Remote control, real time notifications, IP cameras integration… are just some of the perks you get with GroLab™.


1 – Starter Kit
1 – SoilBot Kit
1 – GroLab software, manuals and video tutorials.


*This kit contains one GroNode, allowing you to further expand your control just by adding extra modules. GroNode can control a max of 4 PowerBots, 4 TankBots and 4 SoilBots.

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What does the GroLab Soil Kit allow me to control?

Example Configuration

Get rid of all the timers, triplets and messy cables hanging in your grow room, and even save some water and fertilizers.

With this configuration you get precise control of your lamps, configuring the growing days from 18h/6h to 12h/12h in one click, allowing even to make a 8h/8h day if you wish so.

The temperature and humidity probe enables the control of the ventilation, lowering the consumption for this device while optimizing the climate in your grow. Connecting two water pumps to PowerBot allows the control of irrigation in two distinct grows, whether hydroponics or soil.

In soil, thanks to Soilbot you can create alarms for minimum moisture levels that trigger a timed drip irrigation, and in hydroponics you can use them to warn you if the bed is getting too dry, meaning a pump might be broken.

Not only it can warn you, it can also take action and stop the pump. The same happens with the detection of a flood or a leak. Notifications, selective shutdown, are just some of the procedures you can configure.

This configuration still provides 4 extra inputs, one flood detector, one temperature sensor and two moisture sensors.

GroLab Soil Kit stores every sensor data and output state, providing a track of your grows from seed to fruit, enabling you to maximize your growth and efficiency!


GroLab Soil Kit Base Configuration, with PowerBot controlling light, irrigation and ventilation and SoilBot moisture, temperature and flood

This is a scheme designed to show some of the GroLab Soil Kit possibilities, nevertheless, you can rearrange the devices, and even replace them, with any other device you may find useful, lights, fog makers, fans, dehumidifiers etc. If you need more sensors or outputs, or just to control another growing area, you just need to add extra modules to this kit (GroNode supports up to 4 modules of each type), and expand your control with new features.

Lamps Hps compatible with PowerBot, the power module from the GroLab grow controller systemBALLASTS & LAMPS

Extractors compatible with PowerBot, the power module from the GroLab grow controller systemEXTRACTORS

Water Pump compatible with PowerBot, the power module from the GroLab grow controller systemWATER PUMPS

Sonic Vaporizer Humidifier compatible with PowerBot, the power module from the GroLab grow controller systemVAPORIZERS

GroLab CO2 Dispenser compatible with PowerBot, the power module from the GroLab grow controller systemCO2 DISPENSERS

GroLab 230VAC/110VAC compatible with PowerBot, the power module from the GroLab grow controller system

GroLab PowerBot Temperature and Humidty ProbeAIR TEMP/HUMI PROBE

Air, Soil, Water Temperature Probe compatible with TankBot, SoilBot and Arduino, grow controller modules of the GroLab systemSOIL/AIR/WATER TEMPERATURE PROBE

GroLab Moisture Sensor for SoilBot and ArduinoMOISTURE PROBE

GroLab Flood Detector compatible with SoilBot and ArduinoFLOOD DETECTOR

The GroLab Soil Kit Contains:

This is the exact package that will arrive at your door step. It comes with a GroNode, a PowerBot, a SoilBot, and all the necessary cables, sensors and connectors. It also comes with a USB Pen with the GroLab™ software, instruction manuals and video tutorials.

It can be installed in no time, and will fully automate your grow in a matter of minutes.

GroLab Soil Kit packaging, packaging open and close


GroLab™ Software is always under development. If a newer version it’s available, the system will automatically update. The same happens for any of the included modules, this means that your GroLab Soil Kit will have access to any improvement our development team implements in the near future.


Remember, one GroNode supports up to 4 PowerBots, 4 SoilBots and 4 TankBots, and you can spread them between 4 different areas with two different grows each. Whenever you need a new vegetative, cloning or flowering room, you can just extend your GroLab™ system by adding as many extra GroLab™ modules GroNode supports.


Your plants are our concern! GroLab™ team is here to help you with any doubt, configuration or troubleshoot you may need. We’re committed to your complete satisfaction, and we won’t let a kit or peripheral left of use. By phone, e-mailsupport ticket, Skype, just contact us and in less than 24 hours someone will come to your aid.