Dropper Bottles | Matte Black Glass with Childproof Cap


Matte black glass bottle with metered dropper and childproof cap. Dropper bottles are a great way to apply a few drops of any liquid, making accurate dosing easier. They are also helpful for filling capsules with oils.

Available in 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml sizes. Quantity discounts applied at checkout according to the table below.


Quantity Discount
10 - 99 30%
100 + 40%


Dropper bottles, also called a Boston round bottle, or Winchester bottle, is a strong, heavy bottle commonly used in the drug and chemical industries. It is often made of amber (brown) glass (to filter out UV light) but can also be made of plastics.

We offer matte black glass dropper bottles with a metered dropper and a childproof cap. Dropper bottles are a great way to apply a few drops of any liquid, making accurate dosing easier. They are also helpful for filling capsules with oils.

Available in 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml sizes.

Assembling the Dropper Bottles

Keep your bottles safe from damage by purchasing in bulk and assembling the bottles only when required. Correct assembly ensures a water tight seal, preventing leaks. Our simple demonstration video shows you how easy it is.


Characteristics of Dropper Bottles


Modern bottles, when moulded, will be given marks on the heel (bottom) of the bottle. These marks serve a variety of purposes, such as identifying the machine used in the production of the bottle (for quality control purposes), showing the manufacturer of the bottle, how much to fill the bottle to, the date the bottle was manufactured, as well as other information. Embossing on a bottle consists of raised lettering, numbers, and/or designs which were intended to inform the purchaser in some way of the contents or to establish ownership of the bottle.


Glass bottles have a variety of closures to seal up the bottle and prevent the contents escape. Early bottles were sealed with wax, and later stoppered with a cork. More common today are screw caps and stoppers. Our bottles offer a childproof cap, preventing accidents and keeping you and your family safe. Simply press down on the cap when unscrewing to open.

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10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

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  1. Kay (verified owner)

    Love the bottles but finding the cap opening and closing a little difficult – presuming it is a child proof mechanism?

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    Love the black

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    I love them and I’m so happy

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    I’m a happy customer. your service was much better and more reliable than the service from takealot.

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    I’m impressed with the quality of the bottles and the pricing is great. Planning to buy more in the future!

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    Love how quick the delivery was, and shopping online was not a hassle. Thanks alot

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    I purchased these bottles after getting the suggestion from Aeradix.
    I will definitely be purchasing more of them.

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    Extremely satisfied with the product and service

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    Excellent quality and fast service

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    Happy with what we recieved.

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    Excellent service & perfect quality.

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    Great quality. Definitely ordering more when I need it.

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    Excellent Service

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    Beautiful light tight bottles. I’ll be ordering them again in a few months time.

  27. Lee Ashford (verified owner)

    Your Droppers are the best!

  28. Debbie M. (verified owner)

    The bottles are sooo awesome. The delivery was super fast and customer service has been an absolute pleasure, efficient and friendly. Thank you so much will definitely be a returning client.

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    Excellent service. Fast delivery

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    Quick delivery and friendly service! Packaging was very efficient. Very impressed with the product quality. Thanks!

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    Bottles not only look great but they’re also super functional with the metered dropper and childproof cap!

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    Great quality, great look, well packaged and excellent service delivery.

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    Excellent Value for Money and Quality

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    Quality is Great

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    Love the quality and efficiency of the service

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