Over Grower

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Over Grower provides complete automation of hydroponic farms of up to 5 000 square meters. Over Grower is easy to set up and provides an all-in-one approach to grow automation.

Over Grower features:

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Graph variances of your grow
  • All measured information of the entire plant cultivation process is carefully stored in the device’s memory
  • Create a profile of your grow
  • Settings for a complete growth cycle from seed to harvest is preset with  the availability of custom setting slots
  • Complete automation solution unit
  • Monitoring and correction of pH and TDS
  • Components are mixed by the device

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Over Grower details:

Control your grow

Over Grower manages all already established hydroponic systems.

For home and mass scale grows

Over grower is designed for 1 to over 600 plants in a single grow environment.

Cultivate any plant

Over Grower is aimed at cultivating only one type of plant, in a single growing area and at a single growth stage per device.

Creates an ideal micro climate

Over Grower allows you to manage all the requirements to create the ideal micro climate.


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