12V Peristaltic Dosing Pump.

This pump can precisely dose any kind of liquid.

Connect it to TankBot and auto regulate pH and manage your unique nutrient solution.


Grolab™ peristaltic pump compatible with TankBotTANKBOT

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Peristaltic Pump Specifications

Operating Voltage 12VDC
Consumption 15W
Flow Rate 58ml/min (Alcance: 5.2ml/min-90ml/min)
RPM 0.1-1000rpm*
Tube Length 175mm comprimento (49.5mm exposto)
Tubing Life ≥200h*
Exterior Material: Plastic Pump Head + Metal

Colors: Yellow (Plastic)

Dimensions 75x54x40mm
Temperature Range 0 to 40°C
Humidity <80%
Compatibility GroLabTankBot
Warranty 1-year limited hardware warranty


How do I use this device?

Peristaltic Pump Interface


Belowyou can findthe precise schematicsandpinouts to interface this sensor withGroLab™.


Tankbot Connection