Portable PAR Meter

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Our portable PAR meter ensures that you are always growing at maximum efficiency.

  • Compact and sleek design
  • Connect via Bluetooth to the mobile app
  • Connect via USB to the PC app

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The benefits of having a PAR meter

A PAR meter eliminates the need for guessing when to replace your grow lighting and can reduce running costs by allowing a bulb or lamp to run as long as possible. PAR represents the range of light wavelengths most plants react to (400 nm to 700 nm). However, the actual unit of measurement used to quantify the amount of light is called PPFD or Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density.

LED grow lights start to lose efficiency after 50 000 hours, while HPS start to lose efficiency after 24 000 hours and MH after 20 000 hours. HPS and MH bulbs deteriorate even faster than 24 000 and 20 000 hours due to the voltage spikes every time the lamps are turned on.

More info on PAR and PPFD is available here and more info on when to replace your lamp is available from Maximum Yield.

PAR Meter specifications

Resolution<100.01Cosine Correction Accuracy<4%
>10, <10 0000.1V(λ)error<6%
>10 0001Shift error<±1%
Operating Temp0~35°CProbe windowØ 12 mm
Storage Temp-10~40°CSize38 x 38 x 22 mm
Power supplyLi-On rechargeableWeight50 g

PAR Meter operation

Install the Android App

The Android App is available from Google Play here


Complete charging time is around 2 hours. The light on the PAR Meter indicates the status of the unit, red indicates charging and green indicates fully charged.

Start up

Press the button to turn on the PAR meter. The light will flicker indicating that the unit is in standby and awaiting a Bluetooth connection. The unit will shut down if no connection is established within 1 minute.

The light will flash quickly during the initial connection phase and will stay lit when the connection is successful.


The PAR meter needs to be calibrated if the measurement environment has changed. For example, moving to indoor measurement from outdoor measurement. Calibration is done by covering the unit (remove all incoming light), going to Settings in the app and selecting Machine Zeroing. Calibration may take up to 5 minutes.

Running a test

Place the PAR meter where the measurement should take place and select Start in the app. The Function icon allows the user to switch between data and graph outputs.


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