• Long-lasting blade
  • High precision cuts
  • Ergonomic design
  • Gold-coated titanium blade
  • For professional use


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Professional trimming scissors without the cost

The WeTrimmer is a professional trimming scissor developed especially for the needs of all kind growers featuring:

  • Long blades that are designed to increase efficiency and the ability to gently reach each point of the flower.
  • Developed and designed with the help of surgeons. Maximise comfort and efficiency of long usage during trimming.
  • Gold-coated titanium for high quality and long life blades.
  • Innovative development that allows you to keep more essential oils & materials on the flowers.

Combine the WeTrimmer with the WeDryer for the perfect buds every time.

Why trimming is necessary

Here are some reasons to trim buds:

  • “Top Shelf” appearance – Trimmed buds are often considered higher quality. Most buds are completely manicured (or at least somewhat trimmed) when you see them in magazines, at the dispensary, and online. This is the appearance we’ve come to associate with “good weed” and so untrimmed buds may look less appealing to some people.
  • Better smell – Buds that are trimmed before curing tend to gain a stronger “weed” smell over time. On the flip side, untrimmed buds take on a “planty” hay smell if they’re stored in an airtight container for too long (several weeks to months).
  • Easier smoke – Leaves are more “harsh” on your throat/lungs than flowers when vaping or smoking. Trimming off extra leaf matter makes buds more “smooth” to smoke or vaporize.
  • Higher THC concentration – Even trichome-encrusted sugar leaves have a significantly lower concentration of THC and other cannabinoids than the flowers. That means trimmed buds tend to have higher levels of THC gram-for-gram.

Many growers want trimmed buds but don’t want to waste any THC, so they process their trim to extract the THC in the leaves separately. You have endless options for getting the good stuff out of your leaves and other trim, make dry ice hash, butter or canna caps.

Adapted from GrowWeedEasy