Water Solenoid Valve


12V solenoid valve.

You’ll be able to define irrigation paths and manage water refills or drains with this solenoid valve.


Grolab™ peristaltic pump compatible with TankBotTANKBOT

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Solenoid Valve Specifications
Operating Voltage12VDC
Operation ModeNC (Normaly Closed)
Response TimeON = 0.15s

OFF = 0.3s

Estimated Valve Life500 000 cycles
FilterStainless Steel inlet
Working Pressure0.02-0.8MPa
IN/OUT Ports1/2″ screw thread**
Valve TypeDiaphragm (Operatedby Servo)
ExteriorMaterial: Plastic + Metal

Colors: White

Ambient Temperature+1°C to +45°C
Water Temperature0°C to +100°C
Altitude≤2500 meters
Warranty1-year limited hardware warranty


How do I use this device?

Solenoid Valve Interface

This device is directly compatible with any TankBot.

Below you can find the precise schematics and pinouts to interface this sensor with GroLab™

Tankbot Connection


GroLab Solenoid Valve connection diagram to TankBot


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