Spider Farmer SF 4000 Quantum Board

R13 600.00

The Spider Farmer SF 4000 Quantum Board LED grow light has many advantages over traditional HPS and older LED grow lights.

  • Extremely efficient at 2.7 μmol/J
  • Higher efficiency gives higher yields, up to 2.3 g/watt.
  • No fans mean no noise.
  • Ideal spectrum for veg and flower.
  • Dimmable Mean Well driver.

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Spider Farmer SF 4000 Quantum Board LED Grow Light Features:

LED Diode Brand:Samsung LM301B
Power Consumption:240 V: 438.2 W ± 5%
Operating Requirements:Input voltage: 85 V – 265 V Amperage: 1.83 A @ 240 V
Coverage Area:Flowering: 150 cm x 150 cm | Veg: 180 cm x 180 cm
Hanging Distance:Seedling: 60 cm – 76 cm | Veg: 40 cm – 60 cm | Flower: 30 cm – 40 cm
Max yield:2.3 g/watt
Included Hanging Accessories:Clasps and rope ratchets
Product Dimensions:64.8 cm x 53.6 cm x 5.9 cm
Product Weight:8.766 kg
Operating Temperature:-20°C – 46°C
Decibel Value:0
Plug Type:SA
Warranty:3 years
Peak PPFD Value:1 620 uMol/m2/s
Compare to HPS/MH/HID:1 000 watt
Spectrum:660 nm – 665 nm, 3 000 K, 5 000 K, IR 760 nm
LED Diode Count:1 152 Samsung LM301B, 56 deep red, 4 IR

Spider Farmer SF 4000 Quantum Board PPFD Chart


Spider Farmer SF 4000 Quantum Board PPFD Chart South Africa

Premium Samsung LM301B LEDs offer a long lifespan

Grow for years to come without having to replace your lighting system. 100% Plug & Play with no additional equipment to buy. The Spider Farmer SF 4000 Quantum Board uses top of the range Samsung LM301B full spectrum LEDs, perfect for veg and flowering stages.

Versatile for any soil or medium or horticultural environment

The Spider Farmer SF 4000 Quantum Board will outperform your existing lighting configuration in your indoor environment. Have confidence in your light source growing in all types of soils hydroponics, aeroponics and more.

Perfect for grow tents and other small or enclosed areas

When working in confined spaces you can easily appreciate the compact design, cool operating temperatures and extra-large coverage area that the Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights offer. At only 2” thick these units can cover an area approximately 4 times its size! Cool operational temperatures keep ventilation requirements at a minimum.

Reliable build quality: 3 year warranty coverage and easy access to parts

Every element that goes into our products must pass a stringent performance and durability test. The Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights feature quality points such as: Mean Well power supplies, Samsung LM301B LED diodes and aircraft grade aluminum heat-sinks. Following strict development guidelines and quality engineering is how we can offer such an extensive warranty on every grow light we carry.

Read about the differences between Quantum Boards and COB LED grow lights here or watch an independent review of the SF 4000 below.


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