The world’s first packetless modified atmospheric packaging for flower is now available in South Africa.

TerpLoc™ creates the optimal microclimate for storing cannabis by regulating the relative humidity in the packaging while protecting your product from exterior elements that would degrade its quality. TerpLoc™ is designed to provide peace of mind.

Liners are perfect to use while you are harvesting and for post harvest storage. Use a 100 litre tote with a liner to collect freshly harvested plant material and transport it around the cultivation center. A 200 litre drum liner can be used after properly drying and sweating your cannabis for bulk storage and curing. These bags are completely opaque to keep out harmful UV light and have added anti-static properties to prevent trichome loss. Simply using a liner can prevent cross contamination from batch to batch limiting your product loss from unforeseen pest and mold issues. Using a Grove Bags liner will protect your product and your bottom line.

Package sizing is based on the amount of dry product added. Contact us for wholesale options.


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How TerpLoc™ works

Once your product is sealed inside the TerpLoc™ Ultraclear bag, all unwanted gases and water vapour are actively diffused through the pouch’s layers. The layers create a relative humidity level of 62% and limits the oxidation of the product stored inside.

  • In/Out Gassing creates and maintains an optimal cannabis climate allowing you to cure product en-route. Thereby, shortening lead times without compromising quality.
  • Low Oxygen Levels within Grove Bags provide extended shelf life without the use of expensive and unnecessary nitrogen flushing systems.
  • Active Humidity Control protects your product without the need of costly humidity control packets that damage terpene and cannabinoid profiles.
  • Anti-Static Properties ensure that there is a neutral charge down the sidewall of your package. Thereby, preventing any trichome damage or lost product.
  • Odour Control that provides compliance and discretion.
  • UV layer combined with the opacity of the packaging provide premium protection from UV rays preventing the break down of organic material.
  • Durability to prevent puncturing ensuring the packaging’s cannabis climate is not compromised.

The benefits of TerpLoc™ by Grove Bags

Terpene Preservation

Grove Bags use a combination of humidity control, outgassing, and anti-static properties to create and maintain the perfect cannabis climate. This minimizes the evaporation and oxidation of terpenes into our pouches head space and allows for maximum retention of terpenes.

Weight Retention

Weight is directly related to the moisture content of the cannabis and also determines your cash flow. The more weight you lose, the more revenue you are losing. Every gram is crucial to your bottom line, with the current industry in the USA at about 0.1 g representing $1 of revenue.

Mould Prevention

Simply put, mould destroys cannabis and profits. All Grove Bags have active humidity control, allowing moisture to continually flow in and out of the bags to keep levels balanced. This keeps your cannabis fresher for longer and allows users to place product in our bags sooner
than our competitors.

TerpLoc™ by Grove Bags vs Competitors

We wanted to prove that we are the best packaging option in the cannabis industry. Thus, we decided to let the data and facts decide. Since the completion of the third party lab testing, we can now prove that our TerpLoc ™ packaging is the best in the business and creates the optimal cannabis climate.

Third party testing – We put our bags to the test

The test was designed with 12 different conditions which included 2 x Grove Bags ⅛ oz pouches, 1 x Grove Bags 1 oz pouch, and nine other containers historically used for cannabis storage. The test lasted 6 weeks for all of the conditions except for one of the Grove Bags 1/8 oz pouches, which ran for 12 weeks. Finally, at the end of the 6 week study each container was opened and triplicate tests were run for potency and terpenoid levels for each condition.


  1. 58% Boveda pack in a mason jar
  2. 62% Boveda pack in a mason jar
  3. 55% Integra pack in a mason jar
  4. 62% Integra pack in a mason jar
  5. Standard Mason jar
  6. Mylar Packaging
  7. Screw-top child proof container
  8. Pop-top container
  9. Grove Bags Ounce bag
  10. Grove Bags 1/8 bag
  11. Turkey Bag
  12. Blue Dream Cannabis Sample

Terpenoid Results

The Grove Bags 1 oz pouch had the highest overall terpene and cannabinoid retention, which was determined by comparing the totals for average terpenoids and average Max THC (Max THC= (THCa x .877) + THC). The levels of terpenes present were up to 36.72% higher and Max THC was up to 7.25% higher in the cannabis stored in the Grove Bags 1 oz pouch.

Potency Results

These results show that the climate controlled environment created by Grove Bags TerpLoc™ technology successfully slowed the degradation of both terpenes and cannabinoids. Furthermore, the testing results clearly reveal that an anti-static, low oxygen environment with a highly specific relative humidity range creates the ideal conditions to store cannabis for both short and extended periods of time.

Combine TerpLoc™ technology with a WeDryer for the perfect harvest and cure cycle every time.

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