• The right size for a comfortable trim. The Trim Tray is 500 x 330 x 88 mm and allows for continuous use without fatigue.
  • A magnifying glass and a small brush is included to enable you to collect all the trichomes.
  • The non-slip rubber at the bottom enhances the stability of the Trim Tray and reduces the risk of tipping and spilling when working on a table or on your lap.
  • The Trim Tray is divided into two parts. The upper tray has a 150 micron pollen sieve and allows for kief to collect in the bottom tray.

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The Trim Tray is an easy to use tool in your trimming arsenal. Reduce fatigue and increase your kief collection during trimming.

The Trim Tray

The Trim Tray includes:

  • Top tray with a 150 micron stainless steel sieve
  • Bottom tray
  • Static brush
  • Magnifying glass

The Trim Tray has been designed to allow you to trim faster, process more product and make the most money possible with every trimming job.

GrowWeedEasy.com is our go to resource for learning more about growing your own and they have an excellent guide on trimming available here. More info on drying cannabis is available here.

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 33 × 8.8 cm