Violet Miron Glass Cannabis Curing Jar

  • Protects and sustains aromas
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Discreet and stealthy
  • Blocks light, including UV
  • Ideal curing environment when used in conjunction with Boveda Packs
  • Food grade
  • 100% recyclable


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Curing Cannabis Takes a Good Harvest to an Excellent Product

Violet Miron glass curing jars offers the superior protection of Miron glass against light at an affordable price. Protection against light is important for organic material and especially for curing and storing cannabis. Blocking visible light prevents organic substances from degrading. The ideal curing environment is created when used in conjunction with Boveda Packs.

The curing process influences the outcome of the strain in a number of ways, most notably its flavour. Grassy flavours that are generally attributed to residual chlorophyll in fresh buds are broken down by curing. Long-cured cannabis also has the potential to enhance some of the more understated flavours of the individual strain. Curing cannabis is similar to the way a banana continues to ripen on your kitchen counter. The colas continue lose their moisture content, while the metabolic process continues, giving an enhanced sweetness to the strain.

Appropriate curing with attention to the strain’s relative humidity will also minimize the chance for mould or mildew to infiltrate and contaminate the harvest at high humidity. It can also help reduce the harshness attributed to under-hydrated cannabis.

Several studies have been carried out over the last few years to test the ability of Miron glass in preserving the freshness of food, hydrolates, water, oils, honey, fruits, and other perishable substances. Extensive tests have been done by Miron Violett Glass in the Netherlands to prove that Miron glass is superior to amber, blue, green, and clear glass for preserving the contained contents.

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1000ml, 500ml


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