The Wedryer Extraction Kit contains 5 extraction screens of 20 litres (roughly 5 gallons).

  • The screen sizes are 220, 160, 120, 73 and 25 microns
  • Food grade nylon filter
  • Made of monofilament nylon, conical in shape and 100% filter mesh bag
  • Designed specifically to save time and labour
  • Laser cut, with triple reinforced stitching to increase durability
  • Heat resistant up to 225ºC
  • Locking laces for easy handling
  • Includes a 25 micron drying sieve, a transport bag and an instruction sheet

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How and why to use the WeDryer Extraction Kit

The WeDryer Extraction Kit helps you make the most of your trim. Mixing trichome-rich cannabis buds or trim vigorously in ice water will separate the trichomes from the remaining plant material. Trichomes are impermeable to water, while the plant matter that contains them is quickly and easily saturated.

The process of making bubble hash only requires:

  1. A large bucket.
  2. Ice.
  3. Water.
  4. Cannabis buds or trim.
  5. Wedryer Extraction Bags.

The steps to make bubble hash are:

  1. Place dried cannabis buds or trim between layers of ice in the bucket.
  2. The Wedryer Extraction Bags are used to filter out detached trichomes. The bags are arranged progressively inside the bucket, ranging in size from fine (73-micron filtering capacity) to coarse (220-micron filtering capacity). 73 on the outside and 220 added last.
  3. Fill the bucket with ice water and stir vigorously inside the top Wedryer Extraction Bag with a large spoon or electric mixer for approximately 10-15 minutes. This process breaks a significant percentage of the trichomes loose, allowing them to pass through the screening mesh of the top Wedryer extraction bag, leaving only icy water and plant material behind.
  4. Remove the top bag, add more ice and repeat steps 1 to 3.

The process continues until all the bags are used and the accumulated trichome mass (bubble hash) can be collected from the bucket.

The different microns

The process of making bubble hash can be done with a single micron bag if you’re in a hurry. The following gives you an idea of what to expect.

From left to right: 73 Micron, 160 Micron and 220 Micron
  • 73 will catch nothing but resin in this case. The good stuff – only actual trichomes with no vegetative matter at all. Golden coloured and powerfully potent.
  • 160 will catch mid grade with a bit more ‘green stuff’ in it. Not as high quality as 73, but still great and definitely worth collecting.
  • 220 catches pretty much everything else that’s not an actual leaf or stem. This will have much more plant matter than the other two, but still much less than actual bud. This will smell like a concentrated form of your buds!

Adapted from GrowWeedEasy