Witblits 200 COB LED Grow Light

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The Witblits 200 is a South African designed and fabricated COB LED grow light based on the Citizen CLU048 1212 3500K COBs and a Meanwell driver. The addition of active cooling ensures that you will be growing without interruption for years. The Witblits series of lights can be daisy chained for easy expansion with other grow lights.

Includes hanging accessories and a 3-Year Warranty fulfilled in Cape Town.

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The Witblits 200 COB LED Grow Light Features:

LED Diode Brand: Citizen CLU048 1212 3500K
Power Consumption: 200W ±5%@AC240V
Operating Requirements: Input Voltage: AC100-240V Ampere: 0.4323 A/240V
Coverage Area: Flowering: 70cm x 70cm Veg: 100cm x 100cm
Hanging Distance: 30cm from the top of your canopy
Included Hanging Accessories: Rope ratchets and clasps
Product Dimensions: 37cm x 39cm x 12cm
Product Weight: 11 Kg
Operating Temperature:  -20°C – 40°C
Decibel Value: 40
Plug Type: SA
Warranty: 3 years
Peak PPFD Value: 1413 uMol/m2/s – See image below
Compare to HPS/MH/HID: 600 watt
Spectrum: Full spectrum – See image below

Witblits 200 COB LED Grow Light Spectrum 

Witblits 200 PPFD Chart

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