Quantum Board and Chip On Board

The rapid pace with which technology moves have not left any industry untouched. The same holds true for grow lights. Grow lights have evolved from high intensity discharge (HID) to light emitting diode (LED). A number of new developments have taken place within LED grow lights over the years. Two of these developments are Quantum Boards and chip on boards (COBs).


What is a Quantum Board?

Horticulture Lighting Group have frequently been attributed with the original design of Quantum Boards. Quantum Boards are large circuit boards that have hundreds of mid-power LEDs mounted to it. The LEDs are connected together in series to form strings. The strings are then combined in parallel configurations to make them compatible with common high-powered constant current drivers. The difference between Quantum Boards and older design LED grow lights are the efficiency gains from newer surface mount (SMD) LEDs.

Mars-Hydro Quantum Board
Mars-Hydro have released Quantum Boards recently. https://aeradix.co.za/product/mars-ts-1000-led-grow-light/

What is a Chip On Board?

Chip On Board (COB) LEDs are basically multiple LED chips bonded directly to a substrate to form a single module. The chips can be mounted to take up less space, allowing the highest potential of the LED chips to be obtained. Therefore, COBs appear more like a lighting panel than multiple individual lights, as would be the case when using several SMD LEDs mounted closely together.

Quantum Board and COB Comparison

A quick comparison of the most important aspects between Quantum Boards and COBs is provided below.

Quantum BoardsCOBs
More efficient than other lighting technology.More efficient than blurple, but not as efficient as Quantum Boards.
Better heat dissipation, eliminating the need for extra fans.Typically requires fans or very large heat sinks.
Provides a more uniform PPFD spread.Provides superior canopy penetration in a smaller coverage area.


LED grow lights have come a long way and have been outperforming traditional grow lights in terms of efficiency for years now. Quantum Boards have taken LED grow lighting to the next level. The original Quantum Boards were made with Samsung LM561 chips exclusively, but other chip manufacturers, like Epistar, have been able to provide the same level of efficiency at a lower cost. The Epistar chips are used in the Mars-Hydro TS series Quantum Boards, allowing for a competitive price and the same trusted 3 year warranty.


Niemi LED

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