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Drying Cannabis

Growing cannabis is really only half the journey. After harvest, drying cannabis before curing are crucial for a usable, smokable, great-tasting crop. These steps help retain terpenes and cannabinoids while diminishing chlorophyll, giving you something that tastes more like grass than, well, grass. Not to mention, the right conditions in a grow room prevent mould, so post-processing is an important time to pay careful attention.

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Quantum Board and Chip On Board

The rapid pace with which technology moves have not left any industry untouched. The same holds true for grow lights. Grow lights have evolved from high intensity discharge (HID) to light emitting diode (LED). A number of new developments have taken place within LED grow lights over the years. Two of these developments are Quantum Boards and chip on boards (COBs).

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Cannabis extracts in detail

Cannabis concentrates – and cannabis extracts – come in a range of product types, forms, and consistencies. The source material from which the final extract is derived as well as how the concentrate was extracted determines the purity and chemical composition. This post is a summary of part three of the four part series from Leafly. The summary of part one and two can be found here. We love using Leafly for strain related info and more!

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