What is a grow tent? A grow tent is comprised of a lightweight, six-sided fabric exterior installed over a rigid frame and includes a main opening and various apertures suitable for electrical access, ventilation and other functions. Mars-Hydro 70cm x 70cm x 180cm grow tent Mars-Hydro 240cm x 240cm x 200cm grow tent There are hundreds of grow tent varieties on the market offering a range of sizes and features for different applications and budgets.

Mars-Hydro Grow Light Warranty

Posted on 12/03/2017

The Mars-Hydro Grow Light Warranty means you get a 3 year extensive warranty on every grow light that’s fulfilled right here in South Africa. Any issues with your unit will be resolved quickly and without hassle.  Buy with confidence, buy Mars-Hydro. Grow Light Warranty Procedure E-mail or call us at the first sign of any problems with your unit and we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. Please do not open the light without our
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), when used in LED grow lights, have a variety of advantages over traditional forms of horticultural lighting. The advantages of LED grow lights is as a result of: Their small size Durability Long lifetime Cool emitting temperature, and The option to select specific wavelengths for a targeted plant response. A revolution in horticultural lighting is underway due to new developments in wavelength availability, light output, and energy conversion efficiency.   EARLY TESTING OF LED
Mars Hydro is value for money. Mars Hydro offers value for money, here is the proof. It’s hard to fairly compare the cost of LED grow lights because there are so many variables involved. Looking at the cost per watt is the best way, but it still isn’t a fair comparison. For example, if a company is making their LED lights cheaply by skimping on quality and heat management, the light may not last very